Sermons: 2009 – 2012

07/15/2012The Reality of RelationshipJohn 17:1-3David Bordy
07/08/2012AmazingMark 6:1-13Rev. Brion Brooks
01/08/2012"Baptized in Christ"Mark 1:4-12Rev. Brion Brooks
01/01/2012Expect the UnexpectedEcclesiastes 3:1-14Joe Wolf
12/18/2011Called to Reveal God's LoveLuke 1:46-55Rev. Brion Brooks
12/11/2011Called to the Church1 Thessalonians 5:12-28Rev. Brion Brooks
12/04/2011Called to PrepareMark 1:1-3Rev. Brion Brooks
11/27/2011Called By God1 Corinthians 1:3-9Rev. Brion Brooks
11/20/2011InvisibleEzekiel 34:11-24; Matthew 25:21-46Rev. Brion Brooks
11/13/2011Faith or Fear?Matthew 25:14-30Rev. Brion Brooks
11/06/2011It's Really Not What You ThinkEzekiel 2:1-10; Matthew 10:5-16Pastor Bruce Wilkinson
10/30/2011Saints Alive! - Living as Holy People1 Peter 1:13-22Rev. Brion Brooks
10/23/2011Becoming Holy PeopleLeviticus 19:1-2,15-18Rev. Brion Brooks
10/16/2011Life and TaxesMatthew 22:15-22Rev. Brion Brooks
10/09/2011ListeningMatthew 17:1-5; Luke 13:1-5; 2 Peter 3:9John Lindvall
10/02/2011SquattersMatthew 21:33-46Rev. Brion Brooks
09/25/2011Radio SilenceHebrews 11:1-3, 29-40; 12:1-2Rev. Brion Brooks
09/18/2011It's Not Fair!Matthew 20:1-16Rev. Brion Brooks
09/11/2011Forgiven and ForgivingMatthew 18:21-35Rev. Brion Brooks
09/04/2011An Unexpected EncounterJohn 4Rev. David Nelson
08/28/2011The Polished CrossMatthew 16:13-23Rev. Brion Brooks
08/21/2011Fulfilling the CommandmentsMatthew 5:17-20Rev. Brion Brooks
08/14/201110th Commandment: DesiringExodus 20:1-17Rev. Brion Brooks
08/07/20119th Commandment: Speak TruthfullyExodus 20:1-16Rev. Brion Brooks
07/31/20118th Commandment: Don't StealExodus 20:1-15Rev. Brion Brooks
07/24/20117th Commandment: Don't Commit AdulteryExodus 20:1-14Joe Wolf
07/17/20116th Commandment: Don't Kill.Exodus 20:1-13Rev. Brion Brooks
07/10/20115th Commandment: Honoring ParentsExodus 20:1-12Rev. Brion Brooks
07/03/20114th Commandment: The SabbathExodus 20:1-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15Rev. Brion Brooks
06/26/20113rd Commandment: What's in a NameExodus 20:1-7Rev. Brion Brooks
06/19/2011Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong PlacesExodus 20:1-17Rev. Brion Brooks
06/12/2011No Other godsExodus 20:1-17Rev. Brion Brooks
06/05/2011Ten Words: I am The LORD Your GodDeuteronomy 5:1-6Rev. Brion Brooks
05/29/2011A God Who HearsGenesis 21:1-21Rev. Brion Brooks
05/22/2011Death of a WitnessActs 7:51-8:4Rev. Jim Stralow
05/15/2011Seeing and BelievingJohn 20:24-31Rev. Brion Brooks
05/08/2011But We Had Hoped...Luke 24:13-35Rev. Brion Brooks
05/01/2011The Locked RoomJohn 20:19-23Rev. Brion Brooks
04/24/2011"WYSIWYG"Matthew 28:1-10Rev. Brion Brooks
04/17/2011Triumphal EntryIsaiah 50:10-11, Matthew 21:1-11Rev. Brion Brooks
04/10/2011Were You There When He Carried The Cross? (Lent Week 5)Luke 23:26-33Joe Wolf
04/10/2011A Truthful WitnessJohn 9:1-34Rev. Brion Brooks
04/03/2011Were You There When He Was On Trial? (Lent Week 4)Matthew 26:57-68; 27:1-2; 27:11-23Rev. Brion Brooks
04/03/2011Seeing and BelievingJohn 9:1-41Rev. Brion Brooks
03/27/2011Were You There When He Was Betrayed? (Lent Week 3)Matthew 26David Brondyke
03/20/2011Were You There in the Upper Room When He Prayed? (Lent Week 2)John 17:1-26Joe Wolf
03/20/2011Born From AboveJohn 3:1-17Rev. Brion Brooks
03/13/2011Were You There in the City When They Plotted? (Lent Week 1)Luke 21:37 - 22:6Rev. Brion Brooks
03/13/2011A Walk Through The GardenGenesis 2:15 - 3:7Rev. Brion Brooks
02/27/2011Written on His HandsIsaiah 49:8-16aRev. Brion Brooks
02/20/2011All Belongs to You1 Corinthians 3:10-23Rev. Brion Brooks
02/13/2011ChoicesDeuteronomy 30:11-20Rev. Brion Brooks
02/06/2011Dual CitizenshipII Corinthians 5:6-17Rev. Brion Brooks
01/30/2011Commodities or Commitment?Micah 6:1-8Rev. Brion Brooks
01/23/2011Church Math1 Corinthians 1:10-17Rev. Brion Brooks
01/16/2011My Reward Is With My GodIsaiah 49:1-7Rev. Brion Brooks
01/09/2011Baptizing Jesus, Baptizing UsIsaiah 42:1-9, Matthew 3:13-17Rev. Brion Brooks
1/02/2011Abound In HopeRomans 15:1-13Rev. Jim Stralow
12/26/2010Shepherds?Luke 2:8-20Rev. Brion Brooks
12/19/2010Christmas On Main StreetChildren's Sunday School
12/05/2010Bear FruitMatthew 3:1-12Rev. Brion Brooks
11/28/2010Between the Release and the CatchPsalm 85Rev. Brion Brooks
11/24/2010Connecting the DotsDeuteronomy 26:1-11Rev. Brion Brooks
11/21/2010If You Were King...Luke 23:33-43Rev. Brion Brooks
11/14/2010No Longer...Isaiah 65:17-25Rev. Brion Brooks
11/07/2010Not Much To Look AtHaggai 2:1-9Rev. Brion Brooks
10/31/2010Faith, Hope & SaintsEphesians 1:15-19Rev. Brion Brooks
10/24/2010Us and ThemLuke 18:9-14Rev. Brion Brooks
10/17/2010A Blessing ... And a LimpGenesis 32:22-31Rev. Brion Brooks
10/10/2010What do you see?Luke 17:11-19Rev. Brion Brooks
10/03/2010Worthless SlavesLuke 17:1-10Rev. Brion Brooks
09/26/2010Barrier Free BuildingsLuke 16:19-31Rev. Brion Brooks
09/19/2010Where is the Church?Matthew 25:34-40Joe Wolf
09/12/2010Praying for YouColossians 4:2 -6Rev. Brion Brooks
09/05/2010Lord of the HouseColossians 3:17 - 4:1Rev. Brion Brooks
08/29/2010Thanks for What?Colossians 3:12-17Rev. Brion Brooks
08/08/2010Suffering Through (the) ChurchColossians 1:24-2:5Rev. Brion Brooks
08/01/2010The Center HoldsColossians 1:15-20Rev. Brion Brooks
07/25/2010Growing in the Knowledge of GodColossians 1:2-14Rev. Brion Brooks
07/18/2010The Courage of CalebNumbers 13:26-33, 14:6-10, 14:20-24Rev. Jim Stralow
07/11/2010Is There a Place for Me?Colossians 1:1-14Rev. Brion Brooks
07/04/2010Wash and Be CleanII Kings 5:1-19Rev. Brion Brooks
06/27/2010Leaving and ArrivingII Kings 2:1-15Rev. Brion Brooks
06/20/2010Sent To Spent1 Kings 19:1-15Rev. Brion Brooks
06/13/2010Naboth's Vineyard1 Kings 21:1-10, 15-21aRev. Jim Stralow
06/06/2010Elijah - Enough For This Day1 Kings 17:8-16Rev. Brion Brooks
05/30/2010Christian Growth1 Peter 1:3-12Song Service by Dave DeMeester
05/23/2010Words, Just WordsProverbs, Acts 2:1-21Rev. Brion Brooks
05/16/2010SerendipityProverbsRev. Brion Brooks
05/09/2010Lady WisdomProverbs 8Rev. Brion Brooks
05/02/2010Mission Fest SundayJeremiah 22:16, Matthew 25:37-40Linn Gann, Missionary-India
04/25/2010Smart, Very SmartProverbs 1:1-7Rev. Brion Brooks
04/18/2010Follow MeJohn 21:1-19Rev. Brion Brooks
04/11/2010Baptism: A New RelationshipGenesis 17:1-16Rev. Brion Brooks
04/04/2010Crazy TalkLuke 24: 1-12Rev. Brion Brooks
03/28/2010A Case of Mistaken IdentityLuke 19:28-44Rev. Brion Brooks
03/21/2010Forgiveness as a Way of LifePsalm 32Rev. Brion Brooks
03/14/2010Unbind HimJohn 11:1-44Rev. Brion Brooks
03/07/2010Grace-ful JudgementLuke 13:1-9Rev. Brion Brooks
02/28/2010The 3 R'sEphesians 2:1-10John Smith
02/21/2010Tempting JesusLuke 4:1-13Rev. Brion Brooks
02/14/2010When Wastefulness is Next to GodlinessJohn 12:1-8Rev. Brion Brooks
02/07/2010Big CatchIsaiah 6:1-8, Luke 5:1-11Rev. Brion Brooks
01/31/2010Elemental Love1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13Rev. Brion Brooks
01/24/2010Many Members, One Body1 Corinthians 12:12-31Rev. Brion Brooks
01/17/2010For the Common Good1 Corinthians 12:1-13Rev. Brion Brooks
01/10/2010Fire and Water Luke 3:15-17, 21-22Rev. Brion Brooks
01/03/2010Glimmers of GraceMatthew 2:1-12Rev. Brion Brooks
12/20/2009Mary's SongLuke 1:46-55Rev. Brion Brooks
12/06/2009Preparing the WayLuke 3:1-6Rev. Brion Brooks
11/29/2009Watching and WaitingLuke 21:25-36Rev. Brion Brooks
11/22/2009A Different Sort of KingRevelation 1:4-8, John 18:33-38Rev. Brion Brooks
11/15/2009Hannah's Prayer1 Samuel 1:1-20, Hebrews 10:19-25Rev. Brion Brooks
11/08/2009The Widow and the TempleMark 12:38-44Rev. Brion Brooks
11/01/2009The Communion of SaintsHebrews 11:32-12:3, John 11:32-44Rev. Brion Brooks
10/25/2009That I Might SeeMark 10:46-52Rev. Brion Brooks
10/18/2009Servant LeadershipMark 10:35-45Rev. Brion Brooks
10/11/2009 FaithIsaiah 40:9-11Dean Rieck
10/04/2009Torn FabricMark 10:2-16Rev. Brion Brooks
09/27/2009In My NameNumbers 11:24, Mark 9:30-37Rev. Brion Brooks
09/20/2009Seeing JesusMark 9:30-37, James 3:13-18Rev. Brion Brooks
05/17/2009Living the DreamEphesians 3:20Gene Eike
09/13/2009The MissionGenesis 12:1-3, Matthew 28:16-20Ron Sanford
09/06/2009CrumbsMark 7:24-37Rev. Brion Brooks
08/30/2009Clean Hands, Unclean HeartMark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23Rev. Brion Brooks
08/23/2009The Temple(s) of God1 Kings 8:22-30, 41-43Rev. Brion Brooks
08/16/2009New Eyes for a New Creation2 Corinthians 5:16-20Rev. Brion Brooks
05/10/2009Children of God1 John 3:1-3Rev. Brion Brooks